Mitered and chequered continued

The blanket is progressing very well, if I may say so… When you fold it, it actually almost looks like a blanket already 🙂

Blankety blanket

Here is what I have so far:


With one or two more rows, it could pass as a baby blanket, the only thing is, I don´t have a baby anymore 🙂 We need something bigger to play on. I am going to carry on, and see how much I can get out of the white – I almost used 300 g out of the 400 g I have. Then I suppose I will add colorful granny rows as an edging, to make it bigger.

It is painfully obvious though, that it cannot possibly be finished by Monday, so I had to squeeze one mini project in. I will post about that tomorrow, it is just a silly thing for my kid and his mate who is coming over to play in a couple of days.

Until then, let us all take a moment to appreciate what mercerizing does for cotton and stitch definition… Ah, the sheen!




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