Monday playgroup

We just came home from our regular playgroup and exercise lesson in the local motherhood center. We do both enjoy it, going for over 4 months now, and Pip always falls asleep on the way home, giving me a chance for a quiet lunch and following cup of coffee.

Play in the playgroup

I do think that one of the benefits of being a mom in a city these days are all these different activities. We have been doing this for a while and also started going for swimming lessons recently and we do visit some friends with children or have them over at least once a week. As long as I don´t push Pip into anything and make sure to follow his hunger and tiredness cues, we both benefit from it enormously. Sometimes he socializes more with other kids, sometimes he prefers to try out different equipment 🙂



Both pictures were taken by Stanislav Cimbura

Whichever way, he seems to be pleased to go and I will make sure to keep these up even after I go back to work!

What are your experiences?



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