Mitered and Chequered Finally Finished!

Ha, I believe you have forgotten all about Mitered and Chequered, haven´t you?  🙂

Mitered and Chequered

Well, it was not exactly on top of the project pile, however, it got finished, washed and folded. I am very pleased with how it turned out, even though next time I decide to make a blanket, it certainly will not be from a fairly thin cotton yarn 🙂 Continue reading


Mitered and chequered – the final rounds

I managed to use up all the 400 g of the white cotton I had for this. I did find some replacement white in my stash, but quite frankly, I was getting a bit bored with the squares. However, I wanted to add a bit of size to the blanket still, so I decided to make a granny row edging. I have enough of the coloured yarns to make two rows of each colour. So far the yellow is done:

mitered and chequered border

And this is the blanket so far:

final rounds

I do really like it. I cannot wait to finish it, but there are still few more rounds to be added, some serious blocking to be done and some lining to be attached!