Sour Cream Banana Bread

I order most of our food online and have it delivered. Saves money, saves time and works like a charm. When ordering fruits, I order them by quantity, not by weight. I always get my 6 apples, 1 pineapple, whatever. The last time, I ordered 4 bananas and got 4 bunches! Well, we are not THAT big on bananas, so it was easy to have a few ripen enough to be put into banana bread.

Simple Sour Cream Banana Bread - Free Recipe

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Goulash Under Cover

So, as the temperature drops and the days shorten, our kitchen starts to smell less of vanilla, strawberries and lemon zest and more of delicious spices such as caraway, paprika, black pepper and bay leaf. Thus, I open a new category, Comfort Cooking, where I would like to share some of our belly, heart and soul warming recipes, old favorites as well as new acquaintances.

I will still bake, make no mistake about that, but as we turn from light pastas to soups, broths and stews, I would like to share some of that with you.

Goulash Under Cover - Free Beef Stew Recipe

Now, the opening number is a recipe inspired by one from this book. (Yes, same edition as my baking book. I have 5 of them, planning on getting all 16. Yes, they are that good!) The goulash traditionalists out there might purse their lips a bit, but you know, everybody has their own recipe. Just like with chili con carne, there might be the original version, but usually, if the meal shares some basic ingredients and techniques, it is what it is. So for me, goulash is as goulash does! Continue reading

Tangerine Quark Slices

Imagine a cheesecake, that is actually good for you… Well, enter quark, the star of today´s bake! This cake is a Czech classic, but every family makes it a little differently. This version uses beaten egg whites to lighten up the quark layer, almond slivers for a bit of crunch and fruit on top for another bit of flavour.

tangerine quark slices

I spoke about the benefits of quark before but I cannot stress it´s goodness enough. If you can get it where you live, make sure to give it a try and get a load. If you can´t, you could replace it with some soft cheese, but try something not too runny. Add fresh or tinned fruit, or make it without, and make sure to have enough, as everybody will be coming for more 🙂

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