Sour Cream Banana Bread

I order most of our food online and have it delivered. Saves money, saves time and works like a charm. When ordering fruits, I order them by quantity, not by weight. I always get my 6 apples, 1 pineapple, whatever. The last time, I ordered 4 bananas and got 4 bunches! Well, we are not THAT big on bananas, so it was easy to have a few ripen enough to be put into banana bread.

Simple Sour Cream Banana Bread - Free Recipe

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Strawberry Buttermilk Muffins

This weekend, I tried a new muffin recipe from Žena a život magazine (it is not on the website yet, because it is from the current printed issue). I modified it for wholegrain flour and had to make it twice, because I don´t think the original recipe was actually well tested. Still it might be just A TAD on the dry side, so next time I make it, I will put in more fruit or maybe even mix 2/3 wholegrain and 1/3 all-purpose flour.

Here however, is today´s breakfast 🙂

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