Zippin´ Around

My boy in his cute new cardi, that is 🙂 After reknitting it about one hundred times, Zippy is finally finished! Zippy toddler raglan cardigan Continue reading


Sourpatch modified!

Oh how I love my new cardigan 🙂


I am really pleased with how this mod turned out, and it did give me a boost of confidence. I love the patterned yoke (which I used to think would give me even bigger shoulders than I have), I love the colours (I used to think that red was just not for me), I love the cuffed sleeves (certainly will wear it with bracelets) and the buttons! I love how it fits over my back as well.


I will wear it this autumn with tops and trousers and certainly next spring over sundresses 🙂

If you are interested, I kept fairly detailed project notes over on Ravelry.


I knitted this as part of Very Shannon´s super busy and super fun Summer Sweater Knit Along, and as there is a lot of time left, I have already joined it with another project 🙂 More on that later, now let me show you one more pic, taken by my husband´s super kind colleague.


Mitered and Chequered Finally Finished!

Ha, I believe you have forgotten all about Mitered and Chequered, haven´t you?  🙂

Mitered and Chequered

Well, it was not exactly on top of the project pile, however, it got finished, washed and folded. I am very pleased with how it turned out, even though next time I decide to make a blanket, it certainly will not be from a fairly thin cotton yarn 🙂 Continue reading

Cat’s Cradle

This certainly was a quick and simple project. My friend needed a present for another friend that likes cats. I found this filet pattern somewhere in the depths of the Russian internet (as I cannot properly credit it, I would rather not publish it here…), adapted it to a square and then sew on a ready-made cushion cover. Here it is, waiting to be taken to its new home 🙂

cat´s cradle

I have to say I don´t really heart filet and crochet with thread in general. On the other hand, it was a nice portable project (I do a lot on our daily walks when Pip dozes off in the pushchair) and the result is quite cute 🙂

Baa Baa and Simon

Yes, the white sheep is called Simon. My husband thinks up the toy names in here 🙂 My 3rd FO are the amigurumi sheep.

Aren´t they cute, sitting up, all prim and proper, waiting for the playdate? 🙂

Crochet sheep


The pattern was nice and easy enough to make, even though the arms were a bit fiddly and would be even fiddlier, if I actually made stripes instead of using variegated yarn (my other favourite cotton, Limone Color). However, I really like these guys and I hope Pip´s mate will like Simon as well.