Philip´s Fruit and Veg – the collection

Today we had the loveliest little birthday party I have ever attended 🙂 The little birthday boy got, among other things, his playfood set of fruit and veg.

Here it is, nicely colour coordinated on our coffee table.


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Philip´s Fruit and Veg II

Remember the set of amigurumi fruit and veg I started to make for our boy´s first birthday? Well, I added some to it.

?fruit and veg

This is pumpkin, lemon, tomato, carrot and corn hanging around on the window ledge while Pip is napping. I really like making these, but I am running out of ideas and patterns I can make with colours I have. I would like to add a melon slice, cherries and a green apple, and then I don´t know anymore. However, his birthday party is this Sunday, so I will probably not have a chance to make any more than that anyway. I can always add something to the collection later though.

I will post the whole collection with link to Ravelry project page and respective patterns, once I am done with it completely 🙂

Philip´s Fruit and Veg

Well I certainly don´t need another project, with Rondeur in the making and Mitered and Chequered almost finished. But with Pip´s forthcoming first birthday, I obviously had to make sure he has a handmade gift from me 🙂 I thought about it for few days. Clothes are not very gifty. He has tons of animals already (will make a post on his playroom menagerie at some point).

And then I though I could make different fruits and vegetables. They will be great not only for learning about the fruit and veg themselves, but also about colours, shapes, later for playing shop and everything 🙂 Also I always found them cute and wanted to give them a go but did not see a real purpose for them.

So far I have this:

Fruit and Veg I

Pear, apple, strawberry, banana, tangerine and mushroom, all from here. I have lots more planned and will definitely list the final list once I set this up as new project on Ravelry. I also plan to crochet a basket or crate, but we will see about what time I have.

I really cannot wait for him to have them 🙂

Baa Baa and Simon

Yes, the white sheep is called Simon. My husband thinks up the toy names in here 🙂 My 3rd FO are the amigurumi sheep.

Aren´t they cute, sitting up, all prim and proper, waiting for the playdate? 🙂

Crochet sheep


The pattern was nice and easy enough to make, even though the arms were a bit fiddly and would be even fiddlier, if I actually made stripes instead of using variegated yarn (my other favourite cotton, Limone Color). However, I really like these guys and I hope Pip´s mate will like Simon as well.


Here, in the Berries and Yarn household, we are friends of terrible, cringe-worthy puns and jokes based thereon. Oh yes, we are! 🙂 One that made me giggle recently:

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles! 😀

And if you all of a sudden feel the urge to crochet or knit a cute little octopus (I know I do), here is a couple of free, very good looking patterns (Ravelry links, so you need to be logged in), that I would like to try:

Jolly Octopuses by Jean Greenhowe

Octopus by The Kansas Hooker

Octopus Crochet Pattern by Jessica Woofter

And if you want to make something even more odd, why not try one of these?

OctoCowl by Silje Camelie

Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy by Twinkie Chan

Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?

No, but I do have this acrylic-cotton mix and it will do 🙂

This collection of dangley objects is a couple of sheep in the making:

sheep components

We have another playdate coming soon, so it is time for some amigurumi. When I found this pattern, it was quite apparent that it really benefits from using some sort of textured, fluffy-ish yarn. I found this in my stash in black and white, and as our Pip loves the aforementioned nursery rhyme, the choice of materials was quite obvious.

Cannot wait to have them finished 🙂

Sheep assembly

The tale of two robins

So, I have finished the first project of the Year of stashbusting. Below, witness the two robins happily nesting shortly before parting 🙂


Admittedly, they did not bust much of the stash 🙂 However, the guys liked them and I am glad to have something finished. The free pattern was fairly easy to knit, but certainly no mindless knitting, with short rows and all that. Somehow, god knows how, I managed to turn one of the tails upside down 🙂

I used my favourite cotton, Nela, by a very traditional Czech manufacturer. I have two full boxes of it, mostly a skein or two of each colour. You can expect many more projects from it in the following weeks. With a 50 g skein for 1,7 USD, I could easily get a ton of it, that´s how lovely it is!

One more look at the little fellows:


Rockin´ Robin

Guess what. This is not the most ridiculous sock you have ever seen.

Robin 1

And guess what. I am not colorblind 🙂 The silly colors are there to attract a toddler´s eye. This, my dear friends, is a beginning of a robin. We have a playdate in a couple of days and I always like to make them something to take home.

Here is the poor thing looking out of the window, thinking about the happier days…

Robin 2

I am making one for the boy and one for our Pip and you shall see both of them on Monday.