Rondeur II – a row here and a row there

We were quite busy over here, in the Berries and Yarn household, with family visits, the lovely birthday celebration and also with Pip growing his first two molars. We have been lucky so far, his teething was almost unnoticeable, but the molars do seem to be giving him a hard time. All should be fine fairly soon though 🙂

He also started to reducing the amount and length of his day naps and the weather is so lovely we try to spend as much time outside as possible. I am enjoying every moment with him, especially considering that I will be back to work part-time in just over a month.

This all obviously means that I haven´t been speeding through Rondeur II as much as through his predecessor, however, we do seem to be getting somewhere.

rondeur II

I went through the waist shaping, so now I will be rowing and rowing in the circle of stockinette for a bit until I reach the short rows of the bottom hem. I love the stockinette. I actually knit it with my eyes closed in the evening. And yes, I have dozed off while doing so 🙂 However, I am quite looking forward to finishing it and I would like my next knitting project to include either lace or colourwork…

Here is the thing hanging around our living room 🙂 I shall introduce it is the next Monday FO, I hope!

rondeur II



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