Dainty Daisy Cushion Cover

As I promised, here is a finished object with the Dainty Daisy blocks from last week. It is by far the girliest thing I have ever made 🙂

dainty daisy cushion

The centre are dainty daisies connected in the final white round. I only used this amount of squares because the blue was a tiny left over from the Mitered and Chequered blanket. I then crocheted a row of dcs around the resulting square and then some 5dc shells round and round until desired size. I made the final round in pink and decided to have that as edging. Here is a little detail.

dainty daisy cushion

The shell pattern is basically this one, modified for the rounds. Btw, have you seen the amount of free crochet stitches there? It will be my go-to place for some time, I suppose 🙂

I am also quite happy with my choice of the backing fabric.

dainty daisy cushion

I was going to stitch it by hand but in the end I just could not face the task and decided to top stitch it on with the sewing machine. While I would do it differently next time (making sure that I have a straight edge on which to stitch, such as a row of scs or hdcs and then put the edging on top of that, also block the top more carefully) I like the result and will certainly do it next time as well. I also tried the 4-step-button-hole thing on my machine (for the first time in the decade that I have had it) and I could not be happier with the nice, quick and easy button holes!

dainty daisy cushion cover

So all in all, a nice and satisfying project, methinks 🙂

I took this post to party!

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