Lessons in Rondeur

Oh dear me 🙂 What an epic fail!

Last night, I finished Rondeur. I tried it on, it fitted like a glove.  I washed it gently, like I do with knits before blocking, and to my shock and horror, out of the washing machine a monster emerged! It went down to my knees, or rather, it would, if it did not fall off my shoulders.

Apparently, bamboo yarns are quite well known for growing and stretching. I do consider myself an experienced knitter, but this was my first time with bamboo and this idea did not cross my mind at all. I learned my lesson – when working with a completely new fiber or unusual yarn, I should look online for others´ experience and hints and also make a large swatch and make sure to wash it.

However, I am going to carry on with the KAL and remake the great pattern in a very unsurprising cotton 🙂 Also, I may use the lovely but unpredictable bamboo in a project where the stretch would not mind – a lace shawl or scarf comes to mind.

Today we are leaving on a family trip, so it will be quiet here for the rest of the week. Enjoy the lovely days wherever you are and please, come back on Monday 🙂


6 thoughts on “Lessons in Rondeur

  1. I couldn’t find your email address. Just wanted you to know that today you are featured at my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post, where I introduce new bloggers to my readers. Welcome to our neighborhood!

  2. Saw you featured on Cozy Little House! Too bad your experience with new yarn didn’t work out. Next time it will! I hope you are enjoying your vacation…

  3. I am one of Brenda’s Cozy Little House readers.. I don’t have a blog of my own but love to read about what the other women are doing, creating and baking..
    I envy your talent to knit.. I have crocheted Granny squares sot make several afghans but that’s as far as I go..
    Have a marvelous summer.
    Charlotte in Virginia

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