Surry Hills – joining up

So, I moved on, to the sleeves and beyond 🙂

Surry Hills joining

The sleeves are knitted in the round. I really suck at the magic loop method, it seriously is impossible for me to knit a small round object on long circular needles. I did not have matching dpns, only smaller ones, so I had to take a break over the weekend (not from knitting completely, of course 🙂 ) and whizzed through the sleeves during last three days. Today I joined all the bits and now will make the top (and final) part of the cardi.

It is ridiculous how inaccurate the colour in the picture is, btw, and it seems different in ever pic I take, with more or less same settings… Well, bear with me, hopefully I will tame my cam one day 🙂

I still can´t believe how quickly this one is going, and it does not even eat too much yarn. The cardigan needs a serious blocking, though. It actually does not even look like adult garment at the moment 🙂

sleeve detail

This will look awesome after blocking, I am sure. I know I am repeating myself, but it is such a lovely pattern 🙂

Resident knitting expert agrees

Resident knitting expert agrees


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