Sweet Summer Hat

Guess who´s got a new sun hat? 🙂

knit sun hat

This weekend, I had to put Surry Hills to one side due to lack of appropriate needles for the sleeves. As the weather changed drastically, it was time to dig out what we have for Pip´s summer wardrobe. Apparently, the sun hat I got him in spring, was for somebody else, somebody much smaller. So I used the weekend to make a new sun hat.

The pattern I chose was well written, easy to follow and super quick to make. I did not match the gauge, but as it is one of those pattern you can just make as big as you need, it did not really matter. Although, I had to knit it twice, in the end – with the first one, Pip looked like he was wearing one of my hats 🙂

He knew something was not right during the fitting, but I did not spot it back then :-)

He knew something was not right during the fitting, but I did not spot it back then 🙂

Anyway, in the end it is a nice, soft and floppy sun hat that he seems fairly OK with wearing and that will definitely take him through this summer. I had to add some ties though, otherwise it would not last one minute.


The cotton I used for the stripes is colour matching many of his summer clothes. I will be using it soon to make a pair of shorts as well.

Let me show you one more picture with a view of the lovely pattern on the top of the hat and then I will be off to lock myself in the fridge for a couple of days 🙂

knit sun hat


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