Surry Hills KAL

On Sunday, I joined my first KAL ever! 🙂 I have to say I am very excited. The Surry Hills Cardigan provided for the KAL by the designer, Maria Magnusson, is extremely pretty and I cannot wait to wear it all summer. I found a lovely cotton in my stash, in gorgeous teal.

So I actually swatched and actually blocked the swatch 🙂

Surry Hills swatchThis yarn is a bit thinner than the suggested yarns, so the needles might be a tad big for it, but it did block to gauge and I loved it after blocking. Isn´t the lace pattern lovely? 🙂

Haven´t decided about the buttons yet, I love how the white one pops, but the pattern calls for 10 mm buttons and these are 14. The square buttons are 11 mm, but I think their loveliness is a bit lost in the teal and they would be great on some white cardi. Well, I suppose I will decide at the end of it.

So, last night I managed to get the hem and almost the whole first pattern repeat of the bodice done. It was a bit tricky at places, but I think I got the hang of it and now will just whiz through the pattern 🙂 I actually love the broken rib pattern of the hem 🙂

Surry Hills Cardi hem

This is in the early morning sun here, the colour is actually more accurate in the swatch pic.



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