Coffee Flavored Cushion

I am aware of the fact that I am posting a Wednesday WIP on Friday 🙂 , but

  1. there was not much interesting WIP to post, as Mitered and Chequered has grown but not visually, if you know what I mean
  2. the conference yesterday meant I was quite busy preparing on Wednesday.

However, on with a little something I started from my favorite cotton again.

I have this lovely piece of cotton from Marcus Fabrics and I have decided to base a cushion on that (obviously, making the back of the cushion cover from it 🙂 )


I did find the brown and beige cottons but I don´t have a light grey cotton yarn. However, I did find a dark grey that complimented the scheme nicely and will make a lovely border. The flowers reminded me of crocheted Irish roses, so I decided to make one for the center of the cushion.


For the cushion cover itself I wanted to keep the square-ish theme of the fabric, but did not want to go the way of individual squares. I decided on this:

coffee cushion

I always wanted to try this stitch, as the scs look like lovely little beads, don´t they? 🙂 It crochets up fairly nicely and I am sure I only need few more rows for a 40 x 40 cushion. It is a bit stiff though, I cannot imagine a whole blanket from it, for example. It is excellent for this purpose though, I think.

Well, so far I like the look of my first cushion cover 🙂 It will probably be the next FO on Monday, but we shall see!


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