The tale of two robins

So, I have finished the first project of the Year of stashbusting. Below, witness the two robins happily nesting shortly before parting 🙂


Admittedly, they did not bust much of the stash 🙂 However, the guys liked them and I am glad to have something finished. The free pattern was fairly easy to knit, but certainly no mindless knitting, with short rows and all that. Somehow, god knows how, I managed to turn one of the tails upside down 🙂

I used my favourite cotton, Nela, by a very traditional Czech manufacturer. I have two full boxes of it, mostly a skein or two of each colour. You can expect many more projects from it in the following weeks. With a 50 g skein for 1,7 USD, I could easily get a ton of it, that´s how lovely it is!

One more look at the little fellows:



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