The year of stashbusting

Yeah, stashing and stashbusting! 🙂 I have quite a collection that takes over almost all of our hallway cabinet (more or less the only storage space we have besides bedrooms). I suppose I don´t even have to hint at the value of the stuff being stored in there, do I?

My problem is ordering online. I start a project not really checking how much material I have, then running out of it and deciding to order some more. Obviously, you don´t order JUST the two missing skeins, do you? And that´s how it goes… The same principle applies to running to a haberdashery to just get that one zipper I need…

I decided (mostly motivated by lack of appropriate budget to sustain my stash hoarding habit :-)) to start a project called “Year of stashbusting”. I pledge to do 52 projects in next 52 weeks, using ONLY what I have available. No getting extra yarns, also no getting extra zippers, buttons, etc. For every successfully finished project, I will but one small item on a future shopping list 🙂 Every Monday (probably not the following one, though, as it is in two days, so I give myself this weekend as an extra :-)) I will post a FO here and in a year review my stash again…

Wish me luck and resolution!


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