Mitered and chequered

Right then, now then, the first project to bust my stash is a blanket. It is one of the few things I actually bought yarn specifically for. I started it few days ago and already piled a little pile of lovely granny squares.

mitered and white

I love granny squares (who does not?), the crispiness and neatness of them despite all the colours and everything! This is going to be a blanket, most probably lined, the final size depending on what the yarn actually allows me. I am hoping for something bigger than a baby blanket, but we shall see.

I have already decided on the layout and it is the first time I am whip-stitching the squares together (I usually connect them in the final round). I also decided to be very strict about darning the ends as I go (it is an awful job, isn`t it?).

Here are some already connected:



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